Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tangerine Morning

Frost carpets the fields
sloping to a crinkled sea.
The air,
cotton crisp
as spring leaps in.

Satin crows
descend from a silver sky.
Squabbling, they graze
on chilled dewdrops.

The sunrise,
a red ribbon glow,
warms tall tree trunks
basking in gliding sunlight.

A flame horizon
burns a candy stripe sky
on a tangerine morning.


  1. Just found this. What a great way to share work. So well done.Eamon

  2. A wonderful way to access your beautiful work, Maire...
    It's always rich and interesting. XX

  3. And a perfect photograph too!

  4. Wow, Maire, that final stanza is so strong. Lovely writing, as usual. ;-)

  5. Hi Maire tried to leave a comment, but the site through me out. Lots of beautiful images here. I love the opening line 'frost carpets the fields', and the red ribbon glow really compliments the photo.

    This is a really beautiful poem Maire.

  6. Hi Eamon O and Eamon D and Rachael, Barbara, I just checked my blog and found your lovely comments, I really appreciate them, thank you. I will try to visit you all now and see if it works. Maire