Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another year my child

Hawthorn blossoms
pearled the hedgerows,
as birds rejoiced
lilting the trees
in the promise of new life,
chiming the air
with heartbeat rhythms,
a cotton crisp spring
as baby buds peeped in.

I carried you,
felt you,
but I never got to hold you.

Another year has passed
and I am lost,
lonely in the black cold of winter,
remembering the day
you left me.

We never said goodbye.

My tears
frozen in time.
Echoes of songs
that never were,
of dreams
that can never be,
my nights haunted
until the dawn.

Fog blankets the fields,
the sky expresses my need.
I hear the clouds parting
I speak with the sunrise
of my love for you,
your movement, your sound.
I would speak of anything
if I could bring you back
but there is only thick frost
and winter dwells in my heart

I see the spring,
but know
I will never feel your warmth.

1 comment:

  1. Maire, this is superb...A beautiful blend of the natural with your grief..
    but here winter reigns..Of course!