Friday, July 13, 2012

lilac dawn

  lilac dawn
gathering bouquets
of poetry


aube lilas
cueillant des bouquets 
de poésie

zori liliachii –
culegând buchete 
de poezie

hand haiku prompt

mysterious hand

banqueters stare

in terror

main mystérieuse

les invités au banquetre

gardent avec terreur

mâna misterioasă 

invitaţii la banchet

privesc cu groază

Rembrandt :
Le Festin de Balthazar,1635

roses prompt picture

gathering roses
a handsome visitor
in the drawing room

cueillant des roses -
un charmant visiteur
dans le salon

culegând trandafiri –
un musafir încântător
în salon

Winslow Homer
The four leafed clover

Apple blossoms

apple blossoms
the tart taste
of Autumn

fleurs de pommier –
le goût de la tarte

flori de măr –
cu gustul toamnei

Nicolae Grigorescu : Flori de măr

Orange haiku

orange trees
hang heavy with fruit
sweet scent of blossoms

lourds de fruits 
les orangers s’inclinent -
douce odeur des fleurs

încărcaţi cu fructe 
portocalii se-apleacă -
mirosul dulce-al florilor

André Derain 
Mountains at Collioure, 1905

dance picture prompt

 red passion
they dance to the rhythm
of summer winds

passion rouge
ils dansent au rythme
du vent estival

Henri Matisse
The Dance

summer dusk

summer dusk
farm animals gather
by the river trail

crépuscule d’ été -
le bétail de la ferme se rassemble
près du sentier de la rivière

seară de vară –
vitele fermei se-adună
pe cărarea dinspre râu.

Asher B. Durand
The Solitary Oak

painting prompt haiku

he stokes the fire
at sunset
night glows

il attise le feu
a coucher de soleil
rougeoiement de la nuit 

el aţâţă focul –
înainte de apus 
aprinderea nopţii

The Philosopher in Meditation

kiss haiku

in rain drenched streets
lovers kiss

dans les rues trempées de pluie
baiser des amoureux

David G. Gaul
Wet Kiss

Hazy moon haiku

hazy moon
silhouette ships drift
the harbour mouth

lune floue
les silhouettes des bateaux dérivent
dans la rade du port

lună estompată
în derivă, siluetele vapoarelor 
în rada portului 

From Virginia's prompt

John Atkinson Grimshaw
Nightfall on the Thames

Thursday, July 12, 2012

sunrise haiku 12 July 2012

apricot sunrise
a blazing sun
gilds the sea

a gold path
links two countries
amber dawn

a halo of light
circles the sea
golden dawn

Monday, July 9, 2012

crows haiku

black crows
my grandmothers
rosary beads

feet senyru

feet dangle
above a river of clouds
June sunshine

dream senryu

in his dreams
he dances with the stars
midnight sky

dans ses rêves
il danse avec les étoiles
ciel de minuit


in visele lui
danseaza cu stelele
cerul la miezul noptii

Prompt from Virginia Popescu on Facebook

stormy haiku

stormy sea
spray sprinkles
my face

raspberry haiku

raspberry canes
blushing with fruit
July sunshine

Memories of my Father

I lay awake
staring at the stars
joining dots in the night sky
counting them like sheep
seeking forgiveness.

I too need to rest in peace

9 July 2012 mmc

Sunset on Sea mixed mediums, acrylic, pastels

Primroses Pastels

Hydrangea bloom Acrylic and Pastels

Boat in Tenerife 2012

Nasturtiums from Germany for Mari

Sweet Pea Water Colour

Petunia Water Colour

Lily Water Colour

Sea Scape

Sugar Loaf Acrylic

Family Connections

Celtic Fields, Water Colour

Foxglove water colour

Sunday, July 8, 2012

May Garden

May noon
in my garden,
cutting back shrubs
singed and broken
from Spring storms,
the savagery of salt laden winds
etched on every leaf.

Beneath blue skies
I sit under the Cherry tree,
its twisted limbs,  rust curled leaves
extend to the healing sun.

Crows call from the Scots Pine
House martins swoop the eaves
apple blossoms burst pink
the surge of a lawn mower
the hiss of a hose
drone of a drill
a bee bumbling
as a gentle breeze
turns my page.

My cat dozes on dappled leaves,
shadows dance the deck
the yellow rose smiles
in the shade of the honeysuckle,
the last bluebells sing
to foxgloves standing tall.
Nature is optimistic,
it dares to bloom again.

Jets chalk a diamond in the sky,
life’s journeys overlap
but I am glad
to be home.

Forever Young

Forever Young
Dedicated to my father
(6 February 1930 - 26 January 2012)

An empty seafront
in February rain.

I sit on a stone bench,
watch the seagulls
gather on the rocks,
feathers frill
in the breeze.
I see your face,
your engaging smile,
keen eyes,
dark hair,
bronzed skin,
I hear your voice,
its warm tones

You are forever young.

Cliff Walk

the bracken hills
on a early Spring noon.
I climb the narrow trail
high above the railway line.
Deep below,
between rock and sea
pebble coves
curve the coastline.
Waves gentle in,
splay and recede.
Wispy clouds
link and separate,
and a Spring sun
circles the sea,
shimmering it

Simple Quietude

You can feed me
crusty bread,
garlic olives
and tuna salad
and I will be fulfilled,
lounging in the armchair
by the balcony door,
illuminated by the last rays of day
skin sleek, scented with lotion,
flip flop dangling
book in hand
as I glimpse the light
in your eyes.

Sipping tea
you smile,
content in the shadows
of the balcony wall,
puzzling over the crossword
from last week’s newspaper.

in light and shade,
we sit in simple quietude
in the hour before umbra
at Los Gigantos.

flip flops senryu

wet summer
a family of flip flops
line the porch


a seagull skims
his white reflection
summer noon

For Rachel

a monarch alights
on sun filled roses


thunderous rain
an apartment
with a pool!

symmetry haiku

after a deluge
rain drips from leaf to leaf
in symmetry

Lourdes haiku

For my father (RIP)

Lourdes shrine
the smoothness of stone
touched by many hands