Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lonesome Crow's Lament

A lone crow settles
on the arched limb
of my silver birch.

He scans the sky,
then swoops to feast
on scraps and seeds.

I watch him sidestep
along the garden table,
peck at a crust
rise into the dusk
leaving behind
a single black feather.

I watch him roost
in the Scots Pine,
shelter for the night
from the numbing cold
of this bleak winter’s day.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Visiting my father on 16 December

photo with dad
his panic button goes off

photo with dad
his face
in mine

Trip to Cork haiku 15 December 2011

snow cascades mountains
pine forests circle
bracken hills

ragged hedgerows
along shredded fields --
winter's day

mistletoe on trees --
too cold
for kissing

wind blown meadows --
the twisted branches
of winter

snow peaks --
the clear blue
of winter skies

pain in his chest --
I inhale deeply
in response

Saturday, December 10, 2011

snail haiku again

pruning ivy
sucked to the wall
a snail dynasty

frosty sunrise haiku

winter frost
tangerine flames blaze
a citrus dawn

frost carpets the land
candy stripe ribbons
flame the dawn

winter sunrise
orange blaze burns
a frozen day

Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter haiku

winter squall
a dried hydrangea head
rolling gardens lost

through the window
in my bathroom
winter gales

winter pruning
clinging to the wall
a snail family

Monday, November 14, 2011


a ticking clock
fills the room

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gentle moments

She listens for the sound
of footsteps on the stairs,
waits by the kitchen door
to greet me.

A pot of tea in hand
we return to bed,
she bolts into the duvet
kneading my warmth.

I settle under,
her engine reving,
she twists and turns
nudging for attention.

Eyes watching mine,
she thrusts forward
our faces collide,
a wet nose, on mine.

Head resting on paws
her eyes gaze at me,
I stroke her soft fur,
her eyes blissful.

We doze a while,
her paws on my hand.
the rhythmic sound
gentles me into my day.

Curvy Woman

She caught my eye
with her giggling smile.
Heads above everyone,
I glanced to her feet,
she tottered, hoitily.

Arches sinking slim stilettos,
arms straggling lusting males,
she puckered her lips in delight,
I watched her flaunt and tease
and thought “what a sleaze”.

Hair of tight curls glistened
under the glowing light,
her beauty was luminous.
Dressed in emerald green,
she was any man’s dream.

Her tiny waist, cinched in
curvy hips, voluptuous.
Long legs astride,
arms now rambling.
green eyes flashing
I turned to look away.

For a beauty so sublime,
crows vie to touch her hair
blackbirds sing from her lips,
finches dance upon her hips,
robins peck at her heels,
wagtails nest within her knees,
She is the centre of desire,
as I watch her flaunt and flirt,
a woman, I secretly admire.

Cat up a tree

Cat's plea

This is a plea
stuck up a tree
I will pay a fee
just set me free

I'm hanging tight
what a plight
such a fright
its almost night.

Autumn Weaves

Silver threads span convex
on my windowpane.
A network of gossamer bridges
link wind-blown petals
to barren thorny branches,
fallen leaves to naked trees
and marry flies to bumble bees.

Perfectly formed labyrinths
designed to confuse,
tangle tender prey
stun them to submission.
Wrapped in tender string,
an invisible world is woven
bundling my garden as one.

Ghazi poem - Arabic form

The Ghazal is written in couplets. Traditionally very long, ancient Ghazals could have a hundred or more couplets but should contain at least five.
Similar to the lines in the Japanese Gogyohka (sometimes called 'phrases' or 'breaths'), each of these couplets should be able to exist separate from the rest of the poem, with its own sense of theme and context.
These couplets also have no internal rhyme; the form uses a mono-rhyme, which might seem overly simplistic when applied by English language writers but suited the Arabic language well as it only has three distinct vowel sounds.

Mono-rhyme means that a single rhyme runs through the entire poem. With the Ghazal, this rhyme comes from the first couplet, which also introduces a refrain in the final words, but is only referred to on the second line of each consecutive couplet.

There is no fixed metre though within one piece, every line should be the same length.

Finally, traditional Ghazals should include a reference to the poet in the final line.


When you left me I died for you.
When you returned I cried for you.

We stumbled through each darkened room
I always was a guide for you.

I dredged the depths of treachery
when you said no, I lied for you.

I ran the race just for your sake.
With my last breath I sighed for you.

My love demanded more respect
in every way I tried for you.

When your heart cut off all those ties
the tears Winston just dried for you.

My poem

When you arrive home, I will sing to you
I know I am more than a fling to you.

We dance to music on the radio
We twirl to the jive as I swing to you.

When I am alone, I think of your touch
I will always be a true love to you.

If you are not able to come to me,
I'll hop on a plane and wing it to you.

In times of trouble, when I need a friend
I know Maire can always turn to you.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Autumn haiku

lustrous hair spun gold
autumn lies on burnished leaves
sunset on her lips

october dusk
pumpkin lips whisper
of halloween feasts

maple morning
magpies in a flap
exchanging trees

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Odour of Winter

Golden leaves rip through the stirring breeze,
The last flurry of Autumn.
Burnished veins, dried
wrinkle the roadside
crunching together
For warmth.

Nights nip,
snap at wrists and ankles,
prickling pallid flesh.

I cradle the pale sun
staving off
the darker days
of Winter.


harvest noon
a faint drizzle falls on
shredded hayfields

autumn leaves

autumn leaves ride
windblown ripples
autumn force

rebirth senyru

on lines of a page
or artists canvas

Visit to Garnish Island, Cork, Ireland in haiku

autumn leaves
surf the waves
boat to the islands

moss covered mountains
circle a silver sea
seals basking

swirling winds
pine needles spin the sky
island day

mustard gorse
yellows shale rock face
garnish island

mustard gorse
amid beads of heather
crickets croak

knee deep in heather
the scent
so sweet

martello tower
on garnish island
carved gardens

clouds scatter
pine trees ponder
an island day

on shale rock
a fly and me

a rattling wind
through rhododendrons
trudge of gravel

waves leap the rocks
golden seaweed dangles

high winds
frill the tide
golden seaweed swirls

mist shrouds the mountains
strong scent of seaweed
blisters the bay

after a deluge
a rainbow bridges mountains
heavenly light

rhododendron wood
sunlight bounces
from wet rocks

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Autumn Crisp Day

A September chill pierces the morning
skipping briskly through my window.
Sharp air nips past naked ankles
as Autumn nibbles into the day.

The door unbolts to a bleating breeze
slicing a deep shadow on my carpet.
A silken sky blankets a steel sea,
tarnished leaves snap the briny air.

Wasps sift September with regret
buzzing the passing scent of roses.
Sour apples sweep mellow branches
savouring a wind sweetened drizzle.

Chestnut burrs bristle spiny green
pregnant with mahogany clusters.
Crumpled leaves gust garden corners,
crunching crooked for warmth.

August Lips

Lips of August winds pucker
wafting lisping leaves.
Trembling, they stutter,
flagging the breeze
on a feral day.

Distant trees
silver with sound
quake in the swirling storm.

The cat stirs,
yawns in the tempest.
Kneading paws extend,
her nose nudges my hand
ushering a new day in.

My Sarah

My Sarah

As you prepare to leave today,
I already miss you.
How fitting
that the heavens
have opened
for another tearful

I hear you in the kitchen.
The sound of you
comforts me.
Cooking is your ritual,
writing is mine.

I will immerse myself
in words
and you
will be part of them,
for you
are part of me.

What a blessing
to see the essence of me
carry through
in you.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Seasons of time

with the changing seasons.

Autumn has bitten
cutting through September,
nibbling at daylight
dousing it in darkness.

I gaze at an agitated sea
beneath a twisted sky,
the day
thick with thunder.

I am anxious

and I am once again
a little girl,
under a tree
sheltering from a storm,

terrified of being struck by lightening
of dying
in the street.

Cider morning

Proud apples sweeten
on plump leafy branches,
ripening my autumn garden
with round, fleshy fruit.

A hoarse breeze sneezes
a cider crisp morning.
Innocent as Eve,
I pluck a ripe apple for you.

I trace it’s firm russet skin
moist with tender dew.
I leave it on the kitchen table
to tempt you.

12 September 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lighthouse haiku end of August

swollen fruits
tart on the tongue
august noon

wind blown
around ancient lighthouse
scarlet butterflies

sheltered from the wind
warmth of august sun

sea breeze
whispers tales of shipwrecks
lighthouse in view

cliff top
through a swarm of black flies

marbled cliff top
wind blown views
of corn fields

smell of dung
carries in the wind
a lone black sheep

thick veins
of swollen brambles
swallows cut the sky

red hay barn
set in harvest meadows
mountains in view

august sunshine
boats silver the sea
swallows dip and soar

heather hills
beads of purple
august noon

Haiku on 1 September on the train to Dublin

flying past the train
gaze in and out

wrapped in heather hills
september noon

rolling hayfields
wrapped in sunshine
first autumn day

of magenta heather
swallows cut the breeze

city heat
head aches to the throb
of the train

foot bridge shivers
with the throb of cars
heart in my mouth

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Haiku from Powerscourt August 2011

woodland trail
emerging from darkness
squinting light

down stone steps
over an arched bridge
a rushing river

windows glimmer
in august sunshine
brooding clouds gather

Haiku from Powerscourt visit August 24, 2011

shaft of light
through pine trees
lilies float the lake

after heavy rain
prism of light
in a raindrop

parting clouds
sun on my back
shadows meet

rose petals
sipping on raindrops
drinks on the terrace

late summer sun
eases my back
shadows dart

in august sunshine
daisies wide eyed

woodland walk
at old cemetery walls
poison berries climb

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


warmth oozes
from marmalade on toast
summer released


seeking shade
she sniffs the warm sunshine
dandelion seeds fly


faint but audible
through floorboards
creeping fear


traffic jam
bright lights reflect
in puddles

cat eyes

august gardening
starlings swoop for grub
cats eyes stalk