Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Sarah

My Sarah

As you prepare to leave today,
I already miss you.
How fitting
that the heavens
have opened
for another tearful

I hear you in the kitchen.
The sound of you
comforts me.
Cooking is your ritual,
writing is mine.

I will immerse myself
in words
and you
will be part of them,
for you
are part of me.

What a blessing
to see the essence of me
carry through
in you.


  1. Lovely gift of words from a loving mum to a beautiful daughter
    Rachel x

  2. Thanks Rachel, Sarah does not even know I have a blog. I skyped with her last night, she is very tired but happy. Work is heavy with all those children (24). Her best friend has left to go back home to the UK so she is feeling sad but it will pass. Hope you are feeling good today. Sunny and still today so I will go for a walk later. No plans, hope to write a little. Maire x