Monday, August 27, 2012

Haiga window painting

window open
to summer feet bared
curtains dance

EDP publication hydrangea haiku

blowzy hydrangea
amid withered heads
a pink bud

Love Surfs the Waves EDP Publication

Wrapped in the warmth of a June night
under the light of scintillating stars,
you point to the Milky Way,
my gaze follows yours
as I catch the moon in your eyes.
We walk hand in hand on the beach,
our whispers sprinkle the dim light.
Your smooth embrace tickles my face,
tumbles my hair,
tingles my toes
beneath an ebony sky.
The candy-sweet scent of Valerian *
weaves with the salty sea breeze.
It entangles our love,
unravels it
in the pulse of the waves
and binds us forever
in the surging surf.
*Valerian is a hardy perennial with heads of sweetly scented pink or white flowers which bloom in the summer months.

Everydaypoets publication Summer 2011

Everydaypoets publication Spring 2012

spring winds
my cherry tree blossoms
in neighbour's gardens

Notes From the Gean publication March 2012

El Teide
almond blossoms circle
snow peaks

Lynx Haiku publication June 2012 published

the stars
hold more meaning

 Máire Morrissey-Cummins

her old cane
leans by the door
once an oak tree

Máire Morrissey-Cummins

the font on my laptop
Máire Morrissey-Cummins

A Hundred Gourds June 2012 published haiku

Link to publication June 2012 

kissing his forehead
for the last time
snow on the mountains

space Máire Morrissey-Cummins - Ireland 
spring rains
each drop a window
to the sky

space Máire Morrissey-Cummins - Ireland

Published haiku in Sketchbook July 2012

summer sunshine
windows in the city

powder tresses
of acacia blooms
yellow moon

Moselle valley
leaves unfurl
on the grapevine

from the monastery
evening stillness

cumulus clouds
form castles in the sky
summer noon

after a downpour
scents the twilight

ancient city
buildings curve
new pavements

hand motionless
over a box of popcorn

thickens the waiting room
the clock stutters

illuminates a slate roof
thunder clouds loom

coal fires burn
smoking the city skies
pale moon

dawn chorus
birdsong competes
with his snoring

jets chalk
a cross in the sky
church bells toll

summer stroll
my shadow ahead
competes with me

wet woodland
footprints overlap
on the forest trail

Sketchbook Kukai Clouds July 2012 published

Link to all kukai

Two of mine came joint 7th place

sheets on the line
shape the breeze
billowing clouds

# 25. Maire Morrissey-Cummins, Ireland
2501247th Place Tie

her dreams drift
into billowing clouds
castles in the air

# 57. Maire Morrissey-Cummins, Ireland

5702047th Place Tie

published Sketchbook July 2012

Link to all of the Wedding haiku thread by all haijin

winter wedding
steps to her future
etched in virgin snow

Below haiku was mentioned in the Editors Choice with the significance of Lilac in wedding bouquets

lilac dawn
gathering a bouquet
for the bride

haiga calm

cotton calm morning
boats on the harbour
perfect reflections

haiga published Sketchbook July 2012

haiga published Sketchbook July 2012

of empty pages
a year of sunsets

haiga overlap

dark woodland
footsteps overlap 
on the trail

Published in Sketchbook in July 2012

haiga morning glory

morning glory
bloom at dawn
die at dusk

published by Sketchbook haiga July 2012

haiga hay fields

hay harvest
fields of wrapped summers
rolled up for winter

haiga stormy

stormy beach
leaning into the wind
rollers crash the rocks

haiga pine

after the rain
scent of pine

Haiga snails

on the garden chair
silver trails shimmer
May sunshine

wreath haiku

lily wreath
his name card
flies in the wind

paint haiku

bridge crossing
a rainbow
paints the sky