Monday, August 27, 2012

Published haiku in Sketchbook July 2012

summer sunshine
windows in the city

powder tresses
of acacia blooms
yellow moon

Moselle valley
leaves unfurl
on the grapevine

from the monastery
evening stillness

cumulus clouds
form castles in the sky
summer noon

after a downpour
scents the twilight

ancient city
buildings curve
new pavements

hand motionless
over a box of popcorn

thickens the waiting room
the clock stutters

illuminates a slate roof
thunder clouds loom

coal fires burn
smoking the city skies
pale moon

dawn chorus
birdsong competes
with his snoring

jets chalk
a cross in the sky
church bells toll

summer stroll
my shadow ahead
competes with me

wet woodland
footprints overlap
on the forest trail

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