Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Haiku from Powerscourt August 2011

woodland trail
emerging from darkness
squinting light

down stone steps
over an arched bridge
a rushing river

windows glimmer
in august sunshine
brooding clouds gather

Haiku from Powerscourt visit August 24, 2011

shaft of light
through pine trees
lilies float the lake

after heavy rain
prism of light
in a raindrop

parting clouds
sun on my back
shadows meet

rose petals
sipping on raindrops
drinks on the terrace

late summer sun
eases my back
shadows dart

in august sunshine
daisies wide eyed

woodland walk
at old cemetery walls
poison berries climb

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


warmth oozes
from marmalade on toast
summer released


seeking shade
she sniffs the warm sunshine
dandelion seeds fly


faint but audible
through floorboards
creeping fear


traffic jam
bright lights reflect
in puddles

cat eyes

august gardening
starlings swoop for grub
cats eyes stalk


she stalks the grass
silently watching
a white butterfly


dandelion seeds
dance the salty breeze
cat sheds her fur

last rays

end of day sunshine
the cat yawns in
the last rays


close of day
the cat yawns in
the sunset


a scatter of leaves
circle the breeze
august day

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Soloist

Candles burn wet
lights flicker,
she breathes in
the many colours
and textures
of black.

her mind races,
trapped with the
stench of boozy breath,
smoke stained fingers
oily skin slithering
sweat and spittle.
Black cloth
pleats and falls,
creaking doors
shuffling feet.
Heart pounding
she waits
in the shadows
that envelop her.

Tiny limbs grapple
smooth banisters,
slide polished halls
heave heavy doorknobs
gasping for air.

In a hidden corner
she vomits.
Her body shudders,
heartbeat thunders her head,
legs cave under.
Shivering uncontrollably
she sits
with her vomit,
bony knees to chin
licking salt tears
of relief.


Dromineer weekend 7 August, last write

Still August noon

In the stillness,
surrounded by friends
I sit, in the moment.

White sail boats.
glide quilted fields,
dark forests fringe
sloping meadows.
The harbour rests,
Circles on the water
ripple around me.
Their gentle lapping
on algae rocks
speaks to me.

I feel their caress,
held by the ripples.
My life flashes before me.
The nettles nod in agreement.
I smile knowingly.

It’s safe to be me.

7 August 2011 ©

Word game, Dromineer 6 August 2011

Word game

With verbs, adjectives and nouns in a basket, everyone took a few of each and went away to write something with the words they had picked out.

My words were:
Adj ... timid, wobbly, outlandish
Nouns .... fly, bridge, hat
Verbs .... kneel, pray, wrap

Hiding my fears

A timid fly knelt to pray on a wobbly bridge
wrapped in an outlandish hat.

I did it a second time for fun.

Adj .. angry, wildly, happy, adventurous
Nouns ... dog, chair, knee,
Verbs --- learn, wriggle, to be proud, jump, wound, break

Broken Child

An angry dog wriggled under a broken chair
learning to be wildly adventurous.
He proudly jumped, wounding his knee
happy he had not broken anything.

Dromineer weekend writing 6 August, second day write

After our morning warm up by the water, I gave a workshop on haiku and senryu and we all moved away to write after it. These are my writes.

august morning
house martins dip and dive
brushing my hair

legs dangle freely
by the waterside
ants cross my page

hum of an engine
flash of tinfoil
bodies board a barge

stillness broken
with a party on board
all barged in

light breeze
furrows the harbour
smolt weave through algae

august waterside
tangled algae circles
a rippling sun

the barge party
chug past waving
apple tart and cream

writing with amy
sharing of haiku
the sun in her eyes

grasping the concept
her eyes light up
a haiku moment

sudden raindrops
pelt my page
my life story

wash away the moments
smiling eyes meet

workshop over
rain-drenched paper
loving life

one by one
haiku readings
clapping wings the waves

Dromineer weekend writing 5 August - First day writing

Lough Derg Friday 5 August 2011

Down by the waterside, in front of Lough Derg House, we raised our left hand up, right hand down and held hands in a circle, eyes closed, breathing deeply, we listened to the sounds sending a pulse from one to another, connecting as individuals, the first group session by the water. We then clapped one by one, sending it on, faster and faster voicing the clap, bodies moving with the voice and clap sharing it and then fully warmed, we dispersed to write how we were feeling, what was going on inside, free expression. I wrote a series of haiku below as I wrote my first thoughts.

august waterside
flows within

breathing in
the surroundings
friendship glows

hands up hands down
as one

in my hand
pebbles from the lakeside
the weight of my heart

gentle lapping
of water on rocks
friends connecting

at one with stones
and fellow writers
my soul smiles

wrinkled waters
rock gently
hugs of friendship

a wagtail watches
in wonder
I wonder too

cool breeze
through my hair
thoughts unravel

between ripples
my soul speaks

pens flow
to the rhythm of ripples
kindred spirits merge

solitary breeze
circles a crinkled lake
black dog emerges

gentle gurgling
of water
the child stirs

gulls squabble
riding the waves
fears fly the breeze

cool august breeze
swans necks loop
jet waters

snow swans
cruise the lake
boats hum the harbour

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

sun kissed

july noon
rummaging for glasses
sun kisses my toes

cuckoo spit

lavender fingers
drenched in cuckoo spit
waves froth and spray.

bed linen haiku

fresh bed linen
shaking the duvet
a moth awakes

laryngitis haiku

foggy day
voice suddenly lost
to laryngitis

Monday, August 1, 2011

Study in 3 colours

Chair and table July 2011

To Sadie with love, July 2011

Tulips abstract 2011

Still life abstract June 2011

Abstract daisies watercolour

Cliff walk Bray to Greystones July 2011

Wicklow hills and fields nearby

Greystones fields, water and sky July 2011, abstract

For Rachel with love July 2011

Daisies wet in wet watercolour

I made the ceramic bowl in Holland years ago at a ceramics class and the daisies are from my garden.

Delphiniums and roses, quick wet in wet painting. June 2011

Lavender fields, done in May of 2011 and given to a friend.

Spring colours

Autumn painting.

Nearby village, painting done in 2011 and now in Madrid with Sarah

Recent still life in Blue - in Madrid with Sarah now.

Recent one of a tree lined road 2011

hydrangeas study

More cats exercise in watercolour

Cats exercise in watercolour

Greystones Harbour before development

Holiday in Morocco

Birds - colouring pencil

Colouring pencils, doodles as I love Escher (Dutch Artist)

I went through a phase of just using colouring pencils and doodling. I have many of these, all A4 size approximately with plants, animals inspired by M. C. Escher, a wonderful Dutch artist.

Colourful Dutch Landscape


Painting of Bindweed and Ivy growing wild