Thursday, August 11, 2011

Word game, Dromineer 6 August 2011

Word game

With verbs, adjectives and nouns in a basket, everyone took a few of each and went away to write something with the words they had picked out.

My words were:
Adj ... timid, wobbly, outlandish
Nouns .... fly, bridge, hat
Verbs .... kneel, pray, wrap

Hiding my fears

A timid fly knelt to pray on a wobbly bridge
wrapped in an outlandish hat.

I did it a second time for fun.

Adj .. angry, wildly, happy, adventurous
Nouns ... dog, chair, knee,
Verbs --- learn, wriggle, to be proud, jump, wound, break

Broken Child

An angry dog wriggled under a broken chair
learning to be wildly adventurous.
He proudly jumped, wounding his knee
happy he had not broken anything.

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