Friday, January 20, 2012


winter breeze
smoke from neighbours fires

Saturday, January 7, 2012

winter solstice

winter solstice
a dark shadow angles
my carpet

inner city

inner city
seagulls swerve
amber traffic lights

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Alpine Adventure - A Watercolour painting

A striking scene
of distant sunlight
dances snow meadows,
forming a foreground
in liquid verdant tones.
Mountains shrouded in mist
wash eerily down the hillside.
A mix of browns
dropped into greens
bleed with blues.

Wet in wet,
colours spread,
pooling, splaying, absorbing as one.
My brush strokes
diffuse paint,
unpredictably exciting
as textures flow.
Inhibitions cast aside,
the courage to create
oozes from within,
my heart ignites,
light and shade play.

I enter my painting,
crunch through the snow,
watch a flock of bleating sheep
trudge a path to the farmstead,
feeding time.
I follow a frozen stream
snaking silver down the hillside.
From snow covered cottages
the smell of log fires
fumes a frigid sky.
Snow weighs heavy on branches
of overlapping pine forests
enveloping mountains and valleys.

Sharply defined shadows
of clear transparent hues,
a purity of pigment,
the glaze of colour on colour
brings my scene together.
I bask under white snow peaks,
the translucence of the unpainted
glows amid muted tones.
Luminosity catches my breath
of images placed upon this paper.
They seize the eye,
forever holding
the readers gaze.

New Year 2012

in my mirror
blackbirds on bare branches
chirping in the year

a new era
watching the last sunset
of a passing year

new year dawn
the neighbours still
heading home

new year dawns
pain sinks deeper
with the last sunset

new year party
unwanted christmas gifts

new year parties
strangers kissing strangers
all over the world

new year countdown
champagne corks pop
hands holding hands

people gather
embracing the past
into something new

a breath between today
and tomorrow

smiling from one year
into another

new year
hoping for more
of the same

new year fireworks
a grey january day

new year
green shoots

Christmas Haiku

christmas morning
the cat reflects pouncing
on a bauble

the cats claws
on the tree

christmas day
a family celebration
in a red bauble

windy christmas day
pine needles fall
on the toilet floor

windy christmas
fallen pine needles
decorate presents

christmas day
the cat claws the tree
jingling bells jingle

christmas morning
the cat claws the tree

christmas day
a path paved to
the tree

christmas day
the gift of

in a corner
of the sitting room
a forest

in my chair
fallen pine needles gather
logs glow

cooking dinner
flavours of christmas mingle
with joyful faces