Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Essence from Paris with Pearl Pins on Lace and Mirror Gold Card

Collage of Vintage France on Card with Hessian, Lace, Ribbon and handmade Embellishments.

Lilas Blanc de France, Card with Feathers and Flowers on Lace.

Pink flower detail on lace with white heart and baby blue feather details

Buterflies from Paris on Vintage Lace

 Butterflies de Paris on Lace

Top of card close up with feather and handmade flower embellishment.

Happy Birthday verse with roses

Closeup of lower with handmade Butterfly details

Belle Jardin Femme en Rose Birthday Greeting

Belle Jardin en Rose

Again a verse inside with Birthday wishes but I leave most cards blank for the sender to fill in.
Closeup of my handmade Rose and Ribbons 

French style shabby chic

Lavender Blue with lace, ribbon, real lavender sprigs and pins with beading.

Details of card
When sending or selling, I put more pins with pearls and beads and some real sprigs of Lavender from my garden

Some cards have inserts with Birthday Greetings, some cards have been left blank for the sender.

Lavender Blue Birthday Greetings

Simple Happy Birthday with Ribbons, Lace and Vintage Blue

Pearls and Lace, Girl in Silver Frame


Pictorial Review Vintage Cards

I make all flowers, ribbons and embellishments for cards myself and plan to teach this craft to others in the future.

Bluebird Vintage Ribbons and Lace

Interior is quality pale blue insert left blank for the Sender

Vintage Cards, my new passion - Lady in Pink

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Magnolia White

Magnolia petals
beneath a March sky,
clouds ribboned with sunlight.

I sit on the balcony
five floors high
above foreign trees
bursting with spring.

Rooftops, slate grey
undulate the city scape.
Distant hills breathe, still winter brown
along the Moselle river.
Too early for boat trips
to lazy days in Saarburg.

Surrounded by apartments,
so many lives
in drab concrete walls
but only the hum of traffic.
No birdsong here
only the stutter of dead leaves
pass me by.