Friday, May 18, 2012

haiga (diary)

of empty pages
a year of sunsets

painting done from a photo.

haiga (foamy swell)

a foamy swell
trails the boat
his angry outburst

Painting done in Tenerife while on holiday in April. 

Haiga (raindrops)

after a deluge
sparking raindrops
clasped in pink blossoms

Painting done from a photo taken in Trier, Germany recently (Spanish Chestnut blossoms)

woodland haiku

wet woodland
footprints overlap
on the trail

Photo taken in Powerscourt Gardens, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

Perfect reflections (haiga)

cotton calm day
boats in the harbour
perfect reflections

Photo taken in Howth, Co. Dublin in June 2011

Between palm trees (Haiga)

A haiga is a photo or painting with a haiku/senryu embedded within.

between palm trees
a golden sunset
gilds the sea

Spirited Magpies

playfully exchange trees.
Alternating between birch and maple
they compete for the highest branches.
Striking and athletic,
I delight in their performance.

From close proximity,
their plumage flashes a metallic blue
white underbellies,
lustrous as virgin snow.
Strutting boastfully
lofty tails held high,
I contemplate their beauty.
Standing solid
against an lifeless sky
feathers ruffled,
they remain

Moving in pairs.
My superstitious mind
cites “two for joy”.
I wonder in amusement
if the most dominant one
on the arched limb of my silver birch
is my father’s spirit?
His characteristics
are so similar.

windows haiku

May sunshine
windows in the city

View from our balcony in Trier City, Germany. 

acacia haiku

powder tresses
of acacia blooms
yellow moon