Friday, May 18, 2012

Haiga (raindrops)

after a deluge
sparking raindrops
clasped in pink blossoms

Painting done from a photo taken in Trier, Germany recently (Spanish Chestnut blossoms)


  1. Valli, thank you:)) I must visit you, I am busy updating my blog, finally have some time!! Hope you are well. Maire

  2. Thank you for visiting my haiku-blog. If you would like to join "Tackle It Tuesday" of last week (on raindrops) you're welcome to share. Share also a haiku for this weeks "Tackle It Tuesday" open 'till next monday. Prompt is Magnolia. Please be welcome.

  3. Kristjaan,
    Thank you, I posted one on Magnolias, maybe it did not post, will go and check. Thank you for your visit too. Maire

    1. I am glad that you have found the way to "Tackle It Tuesday". Your blog is gorgeous and I love your haiga. I am not such a creative guy with haiga, but I have made a few haiga with photo's.