Sunday, October 21, 2012

White Walls - Free write

Stark white walls
amid lush green hills,
glitters of blue
through tall tree tops

where butterflies swing
on a twist of cloud,
skipping beneath the breeze.
Chiffon wings flap
like sheets on a line,
higher and higher they go.

Behind the walls
my love strokes my hair
weaving it into wicker.                   
Whistling, he plies
with tangles of curls
snaking them into a river
that hooks to a slice of sky.

The sky splits in six
stars tumble in thousands
cradling a molten moon.
I spread myself wide
as sun warmed butter,
gentled by his touch.
With a cushion of moss
beneath my nape
he plaits me to the walls.

Mmc © July 2012

Slices of Autumn

At Avondale House and Gardens 2012

From dark canopies of Sycamore
to wide grassy lawns,
along a gravel path
down cement steps
to a country cafe.

Beneath vaulted ceilings
of broad triangles,
rotund pine tables
by open sash windows.
Spent carnations
in earthenware vases
strong tea, white cups
hot apple tart and cream.
Crack in a jug,
milk circles intersect
on the wooden surface.
Sunlight cups a silver spoon
slices of life reflect in a knife.

In the gardens
pine and copper beech
brush a vast day.
Swallows loop long grassy banks
on a wing of sky.
A cherry blossom tangles
through an old lilac,
family roots of trees
in soft mossy beds.
Rush of a rusty river
over foam filled rocks,
birdsong through my fingers
warbles on my page.

Head in a leather bag
rosy pink lady
crunching along
an Indian Summer.

The Vulnerable Railway Station

Helen’s workshop  (a feeling and a place) - describe it without using the word vulnerable or similar words.

Writers weekend, September 14 – 16, 2012

The Vulnerable Railway Station

in a concrete platform,
lines of wooden benches
empty, decaying.
Overhanging trees
shadow rusty train tracks
down to a distant sea.

The old Railway house
a crumbling ruin,
graffiti scars the walls,
empty wine bottles whirl
wind- blown litter
clogging the gutters.
Autumn leaves
curl crooked corners

A place
lost in time,
open only to the elements
and the ravages
of another winter.

Haiga published by Yellow House 2012

10 in total - click on the link above.

All art work and haiku within are mine!!

Haiga published in Lynx October 2012

after a deluge
a prism of light
in a raindrop

haiga Asters

yellow centres
of asters
october sun

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

haiku Autumn

lakeside walk
swans glide
through clouds

wet Autumn
raindrops drip
from the washing line

whirr of wind
around my ears
sea squall

October haiku (sunny day)

sips the sun
October noon

fuchsia bells
ring in Autumn
October day

dead heading
rambling rose
cobwebs glitter

orange beak
of the oyster catcher
October sun

lupin seeds split
in October sunshine
Indian Summer

fallen leaves
primroses in bloom

Indian summer
new lavender buds

yellow centres
of purple asters
October sun

October sunshine
candles lean crooked
in the window

hydrangea haiku

October day
fading into itself

For Rachel

plane landing
our life
just took off

under the bridge
dark shadows
of parting

windy day
holding on
to her hugs

wind-blown photo
my scarf
around her neck

sent presentation with autumn haiga on these ones. Cannot upload a presentation here!!

weeping willow haiku Sella House Hotel

the weeping willow
dew drop tears

UK Countryside drive haiku

parting clouds
golden rays
on hay bales

chimney stacks
from old textile mills
patchwork fields

sloping fell
of heath lands
Autumn day

moody sky
driving up
and down hills

autumn winds
west facing trees

through floods
country upside-down

roads rise
into the mountains
fields of sky

mist veils the day

sheep circle
a flood of clouds
hill climbing

descends the mountains
sky torn lake

vague outline
of mountains
russet forest

wet October
the countryside
autumn brown

hills meet
at the Ash forest
flame Autumn

dry stone walls
stagger fields
sheep roam free

autumn hedgerows
Ash saplings

on wet motorway
gleam of cars

red rose county
scarlet berries
of Rowan trees

Visit to Huddersfield 8 October to see Rachel

chimney stacks
on the lower dales
misty mountains

as we approach the hills
fog lifting

misty morning
fields on the moors

motorway exit
sat nav

hearts skip
in the shopping mall
two lattes

rosy dusk
a girly day
in Huddersfield

plane flashes
into the sunset
a year's journey shared

dusk swirls
with a pink sunset
her warm embrace

starlit night
the lake caressed
by soft mountains

mountain road
hedgerows look down
on the sea

corkscrew roads
hedges curve
to the sea

a scatter of stars
above dark beech trees
Autumn night

Tanka at Sella House Hotel, UK October 2012

crisp autumn morning
blue skies and birdsong
fill the walled garden
leaves lambent
in October light

haiku night trembles

Published on 16 October 2012 by

a snow lily
lifts her face to the moon
night trembles