Wednesday, October 17, 2012

For Rachel

plane landing
our life
just took off

under the bridge
dark shadows
of parting

windy day
holding on
to her hugs

wind-blown photo
my scarf
around her neck

sent presentation with autumn haiga on these ones. Cannot upload a presentation here!!


  1. Thank you Maire xxxx

  2. It was lovely to be together!! Roll on Chester next year. Yeah!

  3. Very nice Máire. Love the look of your blog too.

    Rachael Stanley

  4. A beautiful series of haiku, Maire.

  5. Rachael, thank you. I must come visit you too. I never get email updates from your site or from Marion's either. must check out what she is up to. I take a day and do a lot of updating the blog but should do it every day really. Love Maire x