Sunday, October 21, 2012

White Walls - Free write

Stark white walls
amid lush green hills,
glitters of blue
through tall tree tops

where butterflies swing
on a twist of cloud,
skipping beneath the breeze.
Chiffon wings flap
like sheets on a line,
higher and higher they go.

Behind the walls
my love strokes my hair
weaving it into wicker.                   
Whistling, he plies
with tangles of curls
snaking them into a river
that hooks to a slice of sky.

The sky splits in six
stars tumble in thousands
cradling a molten moon.
I spread myself wide
as sun warmed butter,
gentled by his touch.
With a cushion of moss
beneath my nape
he plaits me to the walls.

Mmc © July 2012


  1. Love it!


    the sky splits
    from of this newly opened tare
    shooting stars

    to borrow and add to your thought. _m