Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dromineer weekend writing 5 August - First day writing

Lough Derg Friday 5 August 2011

Down by the waterside, in front of Lough Derg House, we raised our left hand up, right hand down and held hands in a circle, eyes closed, breathing deeply, we listened to the sounds sending a pulse from one to another, connecting as individuals, the first group session by the water. We then clapped one by one, sending it on, faster and faster voicing the clap, bodies moving with the voice and clap sharing it and then fully warmed, we dispersed to write how we were feeling, what was going on inside, free expression. I wrote a series of haiku below as I wrote my first thoughts.

august waterside
flows within

breathing in
the surroundings
friendship glows

hands up hands down
as one

in my hand
pebbles from the lakeside
the weight of my heart

gentle lapping
of water on rocks
friends connecting

at one with stones
and fellow writers
my soul smiles

wrinkled waters
rock gently
hugs of friendship

a wagtail watches
in wonder
I wonder too

cool breeze
through my hair
thoughts unravel

between ripples
my soul speaks

pens flow
to the rhythm of ripples
kindred spirits merge

solitary breeze
circles a crinkled lake
black dog emerges

gentle gurgling
of water
the child stirs

gulls squabble
riding the waves
fears fly the breeze

cool august breeze
swans necks loop
jet waters

snow swans
cruise the lake
boats hum the harbour

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