Thursday, September 22, 2011

Visit to Garnish Island, Cork, Ireland in haiku

autumn leaves
surf the waves
boat to the islands

moss covered mountains
circle a silver sea
seals basking

swirling winds
pine needles spin the sky
island day

mustard gorse
yellows shale rock face
garnish island

mustard gorse
amid beads of heather
crickets croak

knee deep in heather
the scent
so sweet

martello tower
on garnish island
carved gardens

clouds scatter
pine trees ponder
an island day

on shale rock
a fly and me

a rattling wind
through rhododendrons
trudge of gravel

waves leap the rocks
golden seaweed dangles

high winds
frill the tide
golden seaweed swirls

mist shrouds the mountains
strong scent of seaweed
blisters the bay

after a deluge
a rainbow bridges mountains
heavenly light


  1. Encapsulates the essence of a dream day on Garnish!

    Well done!

  2. Thank you, it is a beautiful place and has special memories for my husband and I.