Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lonesome Crow's Lament

A lone crow settles
on the arched limb
of my silver birch.

He scans the sky,
then swoops to feast
on scraps and seeds.

I watch him sidestep
along the garden table,
peck at a crust
rise into the dusk
leaving behind
a single black feather.

I watch him roost
in the Scots Pine,
shelter for the night
from the numbing cold
of this bleak winter’s day.


  1. Beautifully descibed, deeply moving last verse


  2. Rach,
    Thanks, I saw the crow last week and wrote a few lines, the morning of the beautiful sunrise. I just found the poem today and decided to try to finish it. Glad you like it. It is unusual to see a crow on its own in these parts and the pesky Magpies come in groups, frighten off every bird out there. xx

  3. Hi Máire,
    A reading day for me today and what a fine poem here, one I can certainly relate to at the moment. Skilled imagery at work

    regards Michael

  4. Michael,
    Thank you for your comments, appreciate your visit. Máire x