Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Curvy Woman

She caught my eye
with her giggling smile.
Heads above everyone,
I glanced to her feet,
she tottered, hoitily.

Arches sinking slim stilettos,
arms straggling lusting males,
she puckered her lips in delight,
I watched her flaunt and tease
and thought “what a sleaze”.

Hair of tight curls glistened
under the glowing light,
her beauty was luminous.
Dressed in emerald green,
she was any man’s dream.

Her tiny waist, cinched in
curvy hips, voluptuous.
Long legs astride,
arms now rambling.
green eyes flashing
I turned to look away.

For a beauty so sublime,
crows vie to touch her hair
blackbirds sing from her lips,
finches dance upon her hips,
robins peck at her heels,
wagtails nest within her knees,
She is the centre of desire,
as I watch her flaunt and flirt,
a woman, I secretly admire.

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