Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gentle moments

She listens for the sound
of footsteps on the stairs,
waits by the kitchen door
to greet me.

A pot of tea in hand
we return to bed,
she bolts into the duvet
kneading my warmth.

I settle under,
her engine reving,
she twists and turns
nudging for attention.

Eyes watching mine,
she thrusts forward
our faces collide,
a wet nose, on mine.

Head resting on paws
her eyes gaze at me,
I stroke her soft fur,
her eyes blissful.

We doze a while,
her paws on my hand.
the rhythmic sound
gentles me into my day.


  1. Nothing like the comfort of an animal companion, lovely piece
    Rachel xx

  2. Yes, my Athena is my companion when I am home alone but also when Jim is here, she loves the bed first thing in the morning, just for a while and we both get up together to start the day:)))