Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Love surfs the waves

Love surfs the waves (mp3)

Wrapped in the warmth of a June night
under the light of scintillating stars
you point to the Milky Way,
my gaze follows yours
as I catch the moon in your eyes.

We walk hand in hand on the beach,
our whispers sprinkle the dim light.
Your smooth embrace tickles my face,
tumbles my hair,
tingles my toes
in the soft balmy darkness
beneath an ebony sky.

The candy sweet scent of valerian
weaves with the salty sea breeze.
It entangles our love,
unravelling it
over pulsing waves
binding us forever in the surging surf.

29/6/2011 ©


  1. Maire, what a rich picture you paint here of your so precious beach, and in such a loving way..
    A portrait of a warm relationship on an equally warm June night...
    A great title, and I love that opening verse...

  2. Thanks Barbara, I just wrote it yesterday after a lovely weekend with Jim, weather was so good, balmy which is unusual for here so we went for a walk late at night. I love the beach and am somehow rooting myself in it, in the sand, in the shells and now the waves, so interesting what comes out of me at times. I am glad your blog is working again!! Maire x