Friday, June 10, 2011

I wonder

In the stillness of the morning
I open my window.
I wonder if it is you
who calls me?
through trembling leaves
lilting birdsong
a cool breeze embrace
gently touching my face.

I scan the sky
clouds drifting to the east.
I search for your face
a sign, a trace.
I watch the sun rise behind dark spruce
shadows streak the fields,
a circle of light glides the sea.

I close my eyes
basking in new born rays.
I wonder could it be your glow?
I hear a faint whisper
rustle beneath the red maple.
I sense your aura
as baby pink rosebuds bloom.

House martins skim the trees
clipping in and out of nests.
Dewdrops drip from their beaks
to nourish their young.
I wonder can they see you?
I watch in silence
in wonder.


  1. A wonderful poem here, Maire..full of atmosphere, the sadness of something lost, the precious child, but the wonder of what is here with you as you watch out of your window..

  2. The wonder of life is seen in nature and all around us, something I am beginning to really understand with age LOL. Thank you Barbara:))That child will be with me always, it was my pain, holding onto so much, not letting it go that caused me so much grief. Letting it go lets in new thoughts, the wonder which is wonderful now. The power of our words is truly healing. Maire