Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Captured moments

Captured moments of Ivy, my grandmother (mp3)

Captured moments
Maire Morrissey-Cummins

A spark
of a memory
of her bare bronzed arm
wrapped around my shoulder,
her head leaning
towards mine,
our hair tussled
tossed together in the sea breeze,
played like a scene
from the reels of my mind.

Her sun dress
of white cotton
with pink roses.
Her cardigan tied
loosely around her neck.
The sun casting light
on the side
of her nut brown face.
Our eyes laughing,
Grandmother and grand-daughter,
resting by the wall
on the promenade of Tramore strand.
The sound of the waves, soothing,
the colour of the sand, warming
in the yellow glow
of summer.

Her smile captured
like a faded photograph.
I think back to that day
remembering her,
I feel her warmth,
and I smile.

Photo of my grandmother in her 20's

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