Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunday Departures

Sunday Departures (mp3)

It ‘s Sunday,
your day of departure
I wake in a panic.

We breakfast
listening to the radio,
silently reading newspapers.
I glance at you,
and that dreaded feeling
slinks in,
my heart sinking
to my stomach.

Time after time we say “goodbye”.
The longer you stay,
the harder the parting.
I will never get used to it,
How I wish there was an easier way.

Tickets, passport, the usual checks,
I smile, masking tears.
My whole being shrinks
my heart aching,
as we drive to the Air coach.
I break the silence apologising
“I don’t feel so well”
because I know it’s hard for you too.

With a kiss and a cuddle
you hold me tight,
fraught with emotions, I tremble.
I shudder you away
saying "we might skype later".
Head down, you enter the bus.
I turn, sobbing my way to the car
waving through a veil of tears.

I bite my lip,
breathe a heavy sigh
swiping my eyes with my hands.
My body heaves
all the way home.

I stand in our hallway
in deafening silence,
The house feels immense.
No husband, no children,
I wonder where have you all gone
and why am I still here

I feel an overwhelming tiredness
dragging myself upstairs.
Lying on the bed,
I receive a text from you saying
“I feel the same way,
I will be home again soon,
love you ”
and I cry,
I shed heartbroken tears
missing you,
missing us
of days and weeks alone,
wondering how many more years.

I'm wishing life away
to be with you,
as the cycle kickstarts anew.


  1. The agony and the ecstasy, Maire....it's all here...And how quickly the mood can change, drop, leave us depleted, like the sun going in behind a cloud.......Sunshine and shadows...Life gives, and it takes...always moving...

  2. Maire, your sorrow is felt here, amongst the lines that you lay out, and we carefully read over. I hope that sharing is helping, and also now you get to say these words and allow your lucky guy another place he can come and read your emotions, that sometimes people can offload in writing that their vocie will not whisper.

    Good writing, sad feelings, shared.

  3. Barbara and Bobby, thank you so much for commenting. I have worked on the editing, thank you to all who helped, it is now final. Maire xx

  4. AnonymousJune 13, 2011

    evocative and poignant writing

  5. Rach,
    Thank you for visiting me, appreciate it. Maire