Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Beach, Greystones - A Diamond Day

Sifting warm sand
through my fingers
lustrous fine grains
glitter my palm.
Soothed by
the soft powdery touch,
I sit for a while
under the rocks,
my bare feet
swirl patterns in the sand
as I watch
a beach life unfold.

Bustling mothers
set up home
on plaid blankets
colourful beach bags
spilling with togs and towels
buckets, spades
strewn all around,
a picnic stored carefully
under a shady umbrella,
children gathered
skip giddy with glee
slapping sunscreen
on lily white limbs.

My gaze drifts to
little pink sisters,
chubby faces
alight with imagination.
Their nimble bodies
straggle the sand,
wrapped in a world
of castles and dreams
studding the mounds
with pearly shells
whispering stories
of princes and princesses.

At the water’s edge
long legs prancing
tiptoeing warmth
into an icy sea,
Young lads
splash and play,
high jumping the waves.
A ball punched high in the air,
hands outstretched
grappling madly,
they plunge
in an explosion
of salty laughter.

Strolling the beach
bare feet on warm sand,
I bask for a moment
beneath a honey sun
on a diamond afternoon

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