Thursday, July 7, 2011

River of Red Runs Deep

Inspired by the many war crimes where innocent people were killed by monsters who got caught up in their power and destroyed millions of lives, the dead and the living where I believe a river of blood will forever bleed from generation to generation. The pain does not just go away, it is the living that have to deal with that pain and the atrocities cannot be forgotten.

I found
a woodland trail.
It bleeds down to a river
gurgling and spluttering,
swirling great boulders
splattering them scarlet
with lusting carnage,
a red rage of war.

parcels of naked people
wrapped in autumn leaves
are hurled by the wind,
rolling down the track.
Huddled together,
they curl up by the bank
waiting for the current
that pulls them under,
sucking them crimson
draining them dry.

Hair and bone
mesh with the river,
forever thirsting
for the blood
extracted from
millions of faceless people.

6 July 2011 MMC ©


  1. 'parcels of naked people'..yes, so raw and so shocking ..A fine poem about the cruelty man can deliver to his own, and seemingly so easily!. In this case with no remorse!

  2. Sad that the Serbian war was only a short time ago and that this awful mass murder could happen again. Thoughts of the pain of my grandmother's life, my mother's life too due to death and war. Maire x

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