Saturday, October 21, 2017

Shannon river September 2017

Notes and memories

Swallows follow our boat upriver
Silvery flashes in noonday sun.
Reeds nod in unison
And up by Corehlin Bay
A bevy of swans rise from inky waters
Into a blue noon.


A gaggle of ducks
Sweep over the brown marshland Of Lough Forbes
Where swans silently slumber
And hedgerows extend ruddy sweet haws and hips
Of early Autumn

The river is swollen
With sweet Autumn rains
Rich ripening haws illuminate
Buttercup meadows,
The shape of the breeze in tall reeds.

Passing showers
An alder sapling
In the lock gate

All along the river's edge
Nuts and berries
Autumn red

Bridges the town connecting
One home to another


River fog
The clarity
Of robin song

Caught in gorse webs
Day lifting

Jamestown Canal

September morning
Crossing the Canal,
Mist lifting all around
Along the bank
Fog trapped in webs
Draped across gorse

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